SACI Creative Writing instructor, Lee Foust, publishes new book: “Poison and Antidote”


"Poison and Antidote" by Lee FoustSACI creative writing instructorLee Foust has a new book out: Poison and Antidote, Bohemian tales of San Francisco from the 1980s. The collection brings Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists and Henri Murgere’s Scene de la Vie Boheme (blueprint for the libretto of Puccini’s opera La Boheme) up to date, interweaving nine stories of painters, performance artists, musicians, punks, druggies, filmmakers, and writers who walked the mean streets of Reagan-era San Francisco.

Besides it’s motley cast of artsy characters, the collection also functions as a mix tape of 1980s underground music, an atlas of ‘80s San Francisco—it’s nightclubs, squats, bars, studios, cafes, shooting galleries, record stores, and beaches—and an aesthetic manifesto.

Check out the book’s website where you can listen to its soundtrack, hear selections from its upcoming audiobook, read reviews, and order a copy:

Lee Foust Lee Foust

For more about writer and performer, Lee Foust, his book Sojourner (An Anthology), performance projects, collaborations, recordings, and other…

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Review: Sojourner ~ Lee Foust

Cate's Book Nut Hut


Sojourner gathers short stories, poems, experiments, and prose poems from the author’s 25 years spent traveling, sojourning, and then residing in various US and European cities. Each of the multiform texts of Sojourner seek to engage the mystery of our experience of place, our sense of belonging, and our desire to escape into unknown territories. Of the many voices included in the collection, we hear from teenagers in obscure California suburbs, San Francisco apartment hunters and soon-to-be-unfaithful boyfriends, European backpackers, junkies, prostitutes, South American refugees, mourners in Texas, revolutionaries in Brooklyn, dreaming Manhattan barflies, Arctic lovers, victims of Vesuvian politics and Partenopean trash bags, a refiguration of Poe’s amontillado-tippling Fortunato, Florentine ghosts, Tuscan expatriates lost in summertime reveries, and the Mad Hatnik in Poznan, Poland, along with his evil doppleganger and imaginary accomplice.

 5 Thumbs-UpI feel like I have just returned from travelling, full of all the wonders I saw…

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“Hexahedron & More” Spoken Word Performance & Open mic, Tuesday, February 16 at 6:30pm



Hexahedron & More

Spoken Word Performance & Open Mic

Tuesday, February 16 at 6:30pm
Via Sant’Egidio, 33r – Florence, Italy

For the closing evening of pop-up exhibition showcase Hexahedron & More (see images below), Fadi Daoud Private Studio presents a spoken-word performance hosted by three international writers currently based in Florence. The night will continue with an open mic event, encouraging writers of all levels and styles to participate.

Featuring live music by Nadia Koski.

Performing Writers who will be Showcased:

Baret Magarian is from London, is of Armenian origin and lives in Florence. He has worked as a freelance journalist and as a musician. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, The Observer, World Literature Today, Journal of Italian Translation, Sagarana, and Panurge.

He will be reading a selection of poems and prose that explore the periphery – the fringes – of experience. Those things…

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If the Book Could Be Heard

Poetry and other sounds

At one point the intention for the book was to include a CD of recorded performances of the poems and some of the prose. Things did not work out that way but you need not miss out.

I’m talking about Lee Foust‘s recent publication of Sojourner.

I’ve been listening to his recordings on for almost two years now. I’ve always had the impression that you could find him on a street corner or in a park in Florence, drums in hand and his voice and eye sneering at the American tourists (of course, only his fellow Americans). Or I can imagine him reading his work to his creative writing students, alternately trying to scare them to death with the poet’s edge he gives to every word or breaking their young hearts with tales of love lost. Maybe none of this is true but it’s easy to imagine…

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Interview with Lee Foust, Author of “Sojourner”

Geosi Reads

Photo Credit: Debra A. Zeller Photo Credit: Debra A. Zeller

Brief Biography:

Lee Foust is a fiction writer and performer from Oakland, California who has lived in Florence, Italy since the mid-1990s. He teaches literature and creative writing for various US universities abroad and is the father of one. He is the author of Sojourner (Infinity, 2012), a collection of short stories and poems about the mystery of place, and the forthcoming Poison and Antidote, nine Bohemian tales of San Francisco during the Reagan era. Foust’s fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in various journals, magazines, and newspapers in Europe, Australia, and the U.S.A.

Geosi Gyasi: Could we start with your short story, “Testament of Faith” published in Issue One of One Throne Magazine. At what point in your life did you write it?

Lee Foust: “Testement of Faith,” published in the first number of One Throne Magazine, is…

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Florence Writers Reading: “Paradoxa” by SACI’s Creative Writing instructor, Lee Foust, March 17 at 7:30pm



Florence Writers Reading:


by SACI’s Creative Writing instructor, Lee Foust

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 7:30pm

Para = against, doxos = teaching.
A series of prose poems that explain why everything you’ve been taught is wrong—accompanied by drums, sounds, and music. Don’t miss this engaging spoken word performance!

Free entrance and all welcome.

St Mark’s English Church

Via Maggio 16, 50125 Florence, Italy

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