Listen to Aural Publications of Spoken Word by SACI Creative Writing Instructor, Lee Foust


Lee Foust Writer/Performer, Lee Foust

SACI’s Creative Writing instructor, Lee Foust, read and performed his spoken word live at SACI last week. If you missed it, you can still listen to his musical readings, but you will have to use your imagination for his charming presence and performance.

Click here to access a free, downloadable aural companion to his recently published collection of words exploring the mystery of place, travel, homelands, and escape.

And here you can listen to and read Lee’s A Polish Wedding – Zwariowany Kapelusznik:

For Jeff & Karolina — but also for Magdalena, Chris, and Anna. “When you live in a place, you must eat the bread of its people.” – Jeff Gburek

Will the Mad Hatnik ever relinquish his hoary grip on our hearts? He is a fickle fiend who desires his own undoing above all other enterprises. He met the Devil at the crossroads — 

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