Interview with Lee Foust, Author of “Sojourner”

Geosi Reads

Photo Credit: Debra A. Zeller Photo Credit: Debra A. Zeller

Brief Biography:

Lee Foust is a fiction writer and performer from Oakland, California who has lived in Florence, Italy since the mid-1990s. He teaches literature and creative writing for various US universities abroad and is the father of one. He is the author of Sojourner (Infinity, 2012), a collection of short stories and poems about the mystery of place, and the forthcoming Poison and Antidote, nine Bohemian tales of San Francisco during the Reagan era. Foust’s fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in various journals, magazines, and newspapers in Europe, Australia, and the U.S.A.

Geosi Gyasi: Could we start with your short story, “Testament of Faith” published in Issue One of One Throne Magazine. At what point in your life did you write it?

Lee Foust: “Testement of Faith,” published in the first number of One Throne Magazine, is…

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