SACI Creative Writing instructor, Lee Foust, publishes new book: “Poison and Antidote”


"Poison and Antidote" by Lee FoustSACI creative writing instructorLee Foust has a new book out: Poison and Antidote, Bohemian tales of San Francisco from the 1980s. The collection brings Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists and Henri Murgere’s Scene de la Vie Boheme (blueprint for the libretto of Puccini’s opera La Boheme) up to date, interweaving nine stories of painters, performance artists, musicians, punks, druggies, filmmakers, and writers who walked the mean streets of Reagan-era San Francisco.

Besides it’s motley cast of artsy characters, the collection also functions as a mix tape of 1980s underground music, an atlas of ‘80s San Francisco—it’s nightclubs, squats, bars, studios, cafes, shooting galleries, record stores, and beaches—and an aesthetic manifesto.

Check out the book’s website where you can listen to its soundtrack, hear selections from its upcoming audiobook, read reviews, and order a copy:

Lee Foust Lee Foust

For more about writer and performer, Lee Foust, his book Sojourner (An Anthology), performance projects, collaborations, recordings, and other…

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